I love those rare places that make you suddenly want to engage to things you never considered before.
Twisted is just like that. As soon as you cross the doorstep by chance, to buy a present or out of mere curiosity, you feel the abrupt desire to better understand jazz.
This shop is bulging with discs in all sides, even on the floor, where vinyls are kept in Mukki milk boxes.
And if you don’t find that particular edition or version you are looking for (then you’re beginning to understand jazz!), at Twisted you can place ad hoc orders and your requests will be piled behind the counter with a coloured post it note with your name on it, the name of someone who still appreciates the value and the pleasure of owning an original CD.

Twisted Jazz Shop - Borgo S. Frediano 21/r, 50124 Florence, Italy



Paris is one of those (few) cities where people of all ages line up in front of cinemas on saturday night.
Often the line is surprisingly long.
When I’ve found a long line even in front of a small cinema such as Le Desperado, the first thought was that everyone was affected by a “sophistication” fever. But then I got a bit closer and I started to find out.
This little cinema is located, ça va sans dire, in the Latin Quarter. From the early afternoon you will find only classical movies and that comforting sense that “outmoded things” alone can restore.
Looking at the posters for the scheduled movies I understood the true love Parisians have towards cinema, considered as a place to spend pleasant hours. That is an infectious love that makes you gladly wait your turn at the box office.

Cinema Le Desperado - 23 rue des Ecoles, 75005 Paris, France



I am Italian and I absolutely always avoid to going to Italian restaurants while travelling abroad. With great pleasure, this rule has been infringed only for the outstanding Jamie Oliver.
Eating at Jamie's Italian is like flipping through the pages of his “Jamie’s Italy” book: you can taste all the flavours he has cleverly assimilated during his tour around the peninsula.
If you would need it, the elegant decor makes it is all the more pleasant, with that “British” taste that makes Jamie Oliver uniquely trendy.
Buon appetito!

Jamie's Italian Restaurants: www.jamieoliver.com/italian
Jamie's Italy Book: www.amazon.com



Your Sofa: Marco Rossi

Shopping in Hollywood, Los Angeles, is never a trivial thing.
Thousands of people go shopping at Amoeba with a long list. Amoeba is the world’s biggest independant music store.
You can take a supermarket plastic basket and move around in this huge space (the store occupies an entire block), going along corridors where “literally” millions of CDs, vinyls and DVDs are placed with exceptional accuracy.
Here you can find a variety of styles that suit every taste, fresh products as well as older or rare products.
And it may be that you can have a tasting of the products inside the shop, thanks to Amoeba’s rich program of concerts.
If you’re not inspired and you don’t know what to choose, using YouTube you can peek into the shopping bag of many musicians and artists who regularly visit the store looking for that special disc that is an essential ingredient in their life.

Amoeba Music - 6400 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028, USA

What's In My Bag? : https://www.youtube.com/user/amoeba

Photos: © Amoeba Records



In Dutch, Moeders means “mothers”. You will hardly find a name that better describes a place. In this restaurant you can eat nutritious and filling dishes, just like at your mother’s house.
Plates, glasses and cutlery are all different, like they’ve been found on your mother’s cupboard. In reality, they have been collected during the opening of the restaurant as each guest was requested to bring something.
And the entire surface of the walls is covered by pictures of mothers from all the World, everywhere, taken from people who ate in this small restaurant along the canal and contributed to make this spot in Amsterdam unique.

Moeders – Rozengracht 251, 1016 SX Amsterdam, Netherlands